Scents for the Soul

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scents2Hurray, at last the weather has become warm, sultry and sunny! The smells in the evening garden are amazing – the sweet vanilla-like fragrance of the huge Pittosporums and the powerful scent of Honeysuckle follows me everywhere as I wander through in the twilight in search of the Garlic Mustard weeds. Their tall white flowers give them away and they pull easily from the ground which was heavily composted last year. By daytime the scent of Smilacina racemosa is almost overpowering as I walk past it continually en route to the vegetable plot. Further up the path towards our group of stone mushrooms, the Sweet Rocket is flowering away and if one was to take the time for a cup of tea near the Azalea ‘Soiree de Paris’ you would almost think you were in a perfume department. The perennial honesty Lunaria rediviva has a wonderful spicy perfume and beautiful pale pink flowers which can be encouraged throughout the summer by continual deadheading – a small price to pay for that exquisite aroma. Tiarella grandiflora is usually totally overlooked because of its greeny appearance but on closer inspection those red tinged creamy green flower spikes have a subtle sweet smell which becomes more apparent on sultry hot days.

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