1. Earth Heart Sounds

Sound baths are a way to experience the healing nature of sounds produced by a variety of instruments, in a safe and comforting environment. The beautiful Calm House in Knockrose provides a wonderful, quiet and relaxing space for Sound baths, exhibitions and 1:1 therapies throughout the year.

It has been identified by health care professionals that stress is one of the most common underlying causes of illness, sound baths are an excellent way to reduce stress.

Instruments used during the Sound bath include; Tibetan Singing bowls, Koshi chimes, Sansula, drums, Symphonic Gongs, thunder tube, voice, rain stick and Tingsha’s.

Jonathan Goldman, a respected sound practitioner for many years, identified that sound + Intention equals healing, setting you own healing intention at the start of the sound bath optimises your experience and opportunity for healing.

To set your own intention, it is best to identify something within yourself that you would like to work on or heal, then put this in brief and positive terms as if it is already healed; i.e., if you wanted to ease tension or stress you would state to yourself                                                              “I experience calm and happiness in my life”..

The normal running time of a sound bath is 60 mins, there will be a period of silence in the last section of the sound bath to allow for individual reflection, after which there is an opportunity to share your experience with the group– only if you wish to.

Sound Bath group sessions  :  All enquires for one to one or group sessions please Contact: Heather Muir: 087-6794354

or Email:

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2.Weekly 8 minute Meditation- The Light of Pure Consciousness


The Light of Pure Consciousness, dedicated to Healing & Love for all Creation.

We invite you to take part in a weekly meditation from your home, of 8 minutes duration on Monday nights at 8pm.

With the intention of bringing in The Light of Pure Consciousness to support and offer healing and love wherever it is needed.

The moon is the focusing symbol.

We wish You well.
Tom & Trish