The Light of Pure Consciousness 8 minute Meditation at 8pm on Mondays – Please join us weekly from your home.

MeditationThe Light of Pure Consciousness

8 minute Meditation.

The Light of Pure Consciousness, dedicated to Healing & Love for all Creation.

We invite you to take part in a weekly meditation of 8 minutes duration on Monday nights at 8pm.

With the intention of bringing in The LIght of Pure Consciousness to support and offer healing and love wherever it is needed.

The moon is the focusing symbol.

We wish You well.
Tom & Trish

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The Summer Garden is unfolding at Knockrose

Two really old (about 60 years) Philadelphus varieties are in bloom now and worthy of a visit. One is single and the other a ‘quill’ type and both have lovely scent although you may need a ladder to get to the ‘quill’ type! I haven’t been able to name them and neither can the Botanical Gardens in Dublin.

Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’ is towering to the very top of a 60 year old Pittosporum tenuifolium. Nobody told this Pittosporum that its ultimate height should be around 8 metres and so it has soared much higher!

That strangely holly-like (but no relation) shrub Desfontainia spinosa from The Andes is flowering now with its lovely tubular orange bells.

The seating areas at Knockrose are secluded and peaceful so why not take a visit here and give your body a rest and your senses a treat!

087-6193455 or 01-2958371

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Hurray! Roses are appearing in Knockrose!

At last, the roses have decided to peep out now that June is just around the corner. Madame Alfred Carriere has been out for a week or so and now Etoile de Hollande is hot on her heels. A fabulous blue clematis (name unknown) is coming out to complement Rosa Buff Beauty.

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Aquilega caterpillar attack

I’ve been blaming a young rabbit on the disappearance of all the lower leaves of my Aquilegas but on closer examination I find that it is an infestation of tiny green caterpillars. Never had them before so would be delighted if anyone could tell me what kind of insect they will hatch into.

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Knockrose is open for visitors who come to see the super Art Exhibition here

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Spring has sprung in Knockrose Garden

CnxGarden A6 3 copy

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Tassel-less Garrya Elliptica

Last week, a few days before Christmas, I was wandering around the garden collecting greenery to do my Christmas floral decorations. I suddenly remembered that I usually add the beautiful tassels (catkins) of my Garrya elliptica and looked up to locate them but alas there is not a single tassel on the tree this year. I am so disappointed as the tree is usually covered in these beautiful greeny grey 6 – 8″ tassels for at least 2 months. Is the absence of catkins due to our cold Spring this year?

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Tulips at last!

tulips1Well I never saw anything like it – last week it looked like the tulips in pots would take another week or two to appear but suddenly they came into bloom overnight. Now they are blooming so quickly that I fear they will be gone in a day or two. I’m also amazed by the fact that they were originally planted into the pots in Autumn 2011, did very well in Spring 2012 AND have flowered so well this year – most of the modern tulip bulbs are nowadays bred to flower well the first year and then be discarded. The variety is Van Eijk and they were on special offer in Lidl in September 2011.

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Scents for the Soul

scents3 scents1

scents2Hurray, at last the weather has become warm, sultry and sunny! The smells in the evening garden are amazing – the sweet vanilla-like fragrance of the huge Pittosporums and the powerful scent of Honeysuckle follows me everywhere as I wander through in the twilight in search of the Garlic Mustard weeds. Their tall white flowers give them away and they pull easily from the ground which was heavily composted last year. By daytime the scent of Smilacina racemosa is almost overpowering as I walk past it continually en route to the vegetable plot. Further up the path towards our group of stone mushrooms, the Sweet Rocket is flowering away and if one was to take the time for a cup of tea near the Azalea ‘Soiree de Paris’ you would almost think you were in a perfume department. The perennial honesty Lunaria rediviva has a wonderful spicy perfume and beautiful pale pink flowers which can be encouraged throughout the summer by continual deadheading – a small price to pay for that exquisite aroma. Tiarella grandiflora is usually totally overlooked because of its greeny appearance but on closer inspection those red tinged creamy green flower spikes have a subtle sweet smell which becomes more apparent on sultry hot days.

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Pond troubles

2 months ago our pond was clear and you could see the newly hatched tadpoles – now it’s like green soup and there’s a definite pong when we switch on the circulation pump! Not sure why this has happened as the balance was okay last year except that blanket weed had appeared in it. One solution might be to put organic barley straw into the water but so far we cannot locate any.

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