Healing of every sort has been going on in Knockrose for generations.

A wooden chalet which was built in the early 1800’s was used by the International Red Cross during the First World War. Bell tents were set up in the field in front of the chalet where the victims of mustard gas attacks could convalesce in the fresh air.

In times past people used to come out from Dublin city for the fresh air and stay in various buildings on the property.

The garden carries on this theme by allowing visitors the space to sit and enjoy the peacefulness amid the flowers and birdsong.

trish and tom

Patricia is a fully qualified Aromatherapist (I.T.E.C.  S.P.I.C.A.  M.I.F.P.A.) who carefully selects Essential oils for her client’s needs. Her therapies include: Back Massage, Neck & Shoulder Massage, Full Body Massage, Foot Massage and Acupressures. She can be contacted at 01-2958371 or 087-6193455

Tom is a member of The Healing Trust (formerly The National Federation of Spiritual Healers).  He can be contacted at 01-2958371 or 087-2982369.

The garden is open all year round (by appointment) for those who want to spend some time in the peaceful and nurturing space of Knockrose. Tel: Tom at 01-2958371 / 087-2982369 or Trish at 01-2958371 / 087-6193455.